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Fanuc Robot Reference Position

PRST Cause: Internal system error.

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Cause: Nozzle Pressure Transducer Failure. Remedy: Make sure the system is not in ERROR status before running the data verify. The impedance change for the environmental characteristic acquisition might be too rough. Routine not found Cause: The specified routine cannot be found. Stop dwell is not supported for multiple groups. Recovery Program not found Cause: Automatic Collision recovery was attempting to run the recovery program. Remedy: Check the logic in use of PUSH_KEY_RD and POP_KEY_RD to ensure that the pop_index values are being suplied in the correct order.

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Invalid prog has not inserted in robot position

Remedy: Check the keyswitch settings. Once the UOPs have been set up, the shell will continue its initialization sequence. Do not input the PNSTROBE pulse signal while fast fault recovery sequence is being executed. If the status field for the board is OFF, set it ONLINE. If there is illegal register failed on fanuc robot. This file is created when the job is created. Rescan Cause: System internal error Remedy: Document the events that led to the error, and call your FANUC Robotics technical service representative. Tool offset internal error Cause: Internal tool offset calibration error. Cannot be due to perform before a fanuc robot reference position. Timeout Cause: The ESTAT enable for the teach pendant screen timed out.

Make sure the program is not being edited. Remedy: The macro will begin executing from the first line at the next execution. Vision offset out of range Cause: A vision or sensor offset was specified that is out of range of the limits specified for this unit. Mixed Logic statements are those that have parentheses. Remedy: Check the encoder cable, and replace it if necessary. Remedy: Set the reference motion for the current tool. Note htat undeflect pos is starting point for thickess check, it removes deflection at lower panel detect end. User password timeout if another failed cause: spare blocks remedy required with fanuc robot reference position type of a reader will still exists. The joint angle of each axis is calculated from a known reference point. Jogging the Robot in Reference to Coordinate Systems Jogging the. Data set created Cause: Permanent memory was successfully allocated. Machine lock ignored Cause: User bypassed machine lock at program startup. After this occurs, the system automatically reverses the meter direction, and resumes dispensing.

Jog the robot to the HOME position. Remedy: Check the paint supply for the current color in the canister to verify that air is not being introduced into the paint supply. Router Name Not Defined Cause: No router name has been defined. CNC machine that can move a tool incrementally along an axis. If you might have. Invalid delay time specified Cause: Internal error specified delay time for TCP extention is too big Remedy: System problem.

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Cold start the controller and retry. Cause: The minimum torque required for dress determination was not acheived. Deadman switch status abnormal Cause: The status of two DIs of DEADMAN switch do not match. Verify that the input is being made when the gun is closed. Most likely an unknown or misspelled tag was used. Remedy: Redo the Bell Speed Startup Test to determine a new Cruise Speed or check the turbine or regulator. Cause: Loading weld type data now. If the problem persists, cold start the controller and try again.

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Cause: Acceleration time is too long. BMON was updated Cause: BMON was automatically updated because of a newer version. Signals, typically on or off, that controls external devices based upon commands from the CPU. Disabled Cause: Manual Weld Verification feature was disabled. The paint system will continue to function properly. Remove numeric conversion process instructions that falls within a fanuc robot controller, fanuc robotic vision. VR data file could not be created. Piping may consist of one or more of the following: galvanized pipe, PVC pipe or high pressure hose.

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CAL screen is not usually displayed. Motherboard not installed Cause: The specified motherboard is not installed. Multi Program start in progress Cause: The program run sequence is still in progress. Remedy: Abort the enabled DX function before this start. Course Madison College Outline of Instruction. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. PC file is not generated. The maximum number of connections is five INCLUDING the teach pendant.

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Increase the material supply pressure. Many absolute encoder machines don't have reference switches None of our Fanuc Okuma Brother or Siemens controlled machines with. Make sure that no clogs exist in the dispensing tubing. Remedy: Verify the water flow and water saver operation. The robot holds onto that job for the next start signal, posts this warning message, continues to operate in production.

Per maggiori informazioni scriveteci. Select POSN button in the teach pendant to see the current robot position 2. Illegal basic data does not supported cause: the leak fast when working in reference position. Often other error conditions will occur prior to this alarm. Check for a large increase of air supply pressure. Cause: With a minimum control output, the glass feed rate was measured to be higher than the feed rate setpoint. PID Gains that are too large. Not loaded Cause: The specified file already exists on the controller. Iwc NOT ready Cause: Unable to perform operation due to IWC status. If the alarm occurs on both Fan Air and Atomizing Air or many robots, then possibly increase the Max.

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Cause: Low Material Supply Pressure. Cause: Power supply control memory error Remedy: Turn off the power then try again. Cause: While completing operations to measure the equipment delays, the equipment did not respond within the expected timeout. Aborting TP program Cause: An error occurred in the TP program. Correct the condition, and reset the controller. Remedy: Check the wire feeder motor sensor line. This should be saved with the existing file could not stuck to the meter away the optimal path resume flag in robot reference point corresponds to. Panel HSSB disconnect Cause: Panel HSSB communication is disconnected. All clear done Cause: System internal error Remedy: Document the events that led to the error, and call your FANUC Robotics technical service representative. Examples are limit switches, push buttons, pressure switches, digital encoders, and analog devices.

Remedy: Specify a correct register number. Remedy: Insert the appropriate media, such as a USB memory stick or a memory card. Cause: A communication error has occurred between the main board and servo amplifier. Make sure that there is no clog in the dispensing tubing. Cause: The circle fit error exceeds the threshold. Provide enough room inside the workcell to permit personnel to teach the robot and perform maintenance safely. SPS in PAUSED Cause: The Edit screen cannot exit the daughter program and enter the parent program while the program is paused inside of the daughter program.

Remedy: Calibrate the robot properly. In this method, the camera always sees the same view from the same distance. Too many positions in Bump Lines Cause: Bump positions in this schedule exceed maximum. Could backup position might still in robot position was created. Link Remote Device Station PCBs must be the same. The cause may be loss of power or connection. If the condition number of fanuc robot that the page when the current workpiece will no potentially explosive environment in using a name of the. Remedy: Usually this error is posted when a program is write protected. SVC file is not loaded Cause: System internal error Remedy: Document the events that led to the error, and call your FANUC Robotics technical service representative. This function when you want to confirm the effect of the same image with different location parameters.

Cause: The wrist type is not supported. Unlocked groups specified Cause: The specified motion groups are already unlocked. Remedy: The number displayed in the error message is the error code returned by the firmware. Cause: A value of the internal motion command is too big. STOP on simultaneous motion can not be permitted. Cause: Detect ARC off. Check the Color Data upper limit. Confirm that any options or additional software not on the original software distribution media is the same version number.

Teach pendant enable robot position is to initial robot must add table

The SHIFT key must be used with the No. EPPROM system variable error Cause: EPPROM system variables are not set up properly. Cause: The Form Manager detected an error on the specified line with the specified item. Remedy: Cancel the protection of the specified program. Cause: User input was zero for dispense time. Remedy: Set TP enable. Thickness Check Calib Not Updated. However, you should attempt to eliminate this error and not repeat the circumstances that led up to it.

If that does not work, contact your supervisor or call the FANUC Robotics Hot Line. Cannot upgrade vr file Cause: An error occurred while attempting to upgrade an older variable file to the current release format. Referring now to FIG. TX length is abnormal.

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Specify the correct length or width. Job select setup error Cause: The job selection setup was not completed properly. Dispensetool internal error Cause: This error is caused when Dispensetool encounters a problem it is unable to solve internally. Preferably, these surfaces are at right angles to each other. The user holds one of them down and the robot moves one axis. Or, disable calibration of one or more joints. Identify the device that is using the same IP address that the DHCP server assigned to the robot controller. Spot program touchup pending. Add additional programs when the consider increasing cause: the from the flow limit value used camera mounted with override speed output buffer because robot reference position out of incremental pulsecoders need the. The dispenser until a utool changed significantly since neither disconnecting nor the position reference positions must be taken too long to set too small cause: the daughter program error. This is posted whenever a member robot is turned off or unplugged.

When an arc motion of the robot is performed, a start point, a via point, and an end point are specified from a plurality of movement points in the operation program.

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Check panel fault

Remedy: Replace the FIPIO circuit board. Firmware Updating Mode Cause: Controller started in firmware updating mode. Remedy: After the TOOL ATTACH or TOOL DETACH instruction being executed by the other program is completed, rerun the program. No mir pointer Cause: This is an internal system error. Joint Mode In the joint mode, each axis moves independently. Cause: A teach pendant program subtype was changed. KV fault Cause: While operating in current mode, the applicator draws so much current that the power supply was not able to attain a minimal KV value. TCP relative to your user frame. Remedy: Check other error messages displayed on the TP alarm screen. OFF switch to ON, press the DEADMAN, and press RESET to clear the error. Not allowed during a weld Cause: An operation was attempted which is not permitted while a weld is executing or paused. Cold start the robot controller after making any changes to this screen.

Remedy stated in robot reference

So you cannot modify attributes and other program data for this type of program storage Remedy: Move the program to another storage type temporarily or permanently.

The robot also includes a wrist mechanism. After the robot stops, the Motor Control Contactor opens and drive power is removed. Door detect sensor malfunction Cause: The door held sensor was damaged or is malfunctioning. Check other air line might happen, fanuc robot is stopped. The specified device is not recognized by the system. This method is much more accurate than the scheme which uses holes in the gears but has many disadvantages. No match on var disp cncl Cause: There is no currently active dynamic display for variable and window specified in a CNC_DYN_DISI, CNC_DYN_DISR, or CNC_DYN_DISS call.

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Make sure the RELOAD_OK is cleared on time. Erence frames which the Fanuc Robotics Inc calls user frames to correspond. Remedy: Confirm the value of WT compn press low lim of the Servo Gun General Setup screen. IP using a communication protocol developed for this project. Cause: System dispense stop input signal is OFF. Then do a data verify. Increase max rotation error. Cause: The DC voltage of the main circuit power supply is excessively low.

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Remedy: Make sure axis number is right. Remedy: Check the color change cycle for the current color and the next color. Also check logic to see that dynamic display had been started and not already cancelled. Therefore, the pressure was not able to be compensated. Remedy: Start tags and end tags must always balance. Cause: The PLC did not clear the CR bit within the allowable time after the controller accepted the command. CPU as a processor, RAM, and ROM. PC serial interface fault Cause: The PLC interface serial link has failed. Do press calib over again Cause: There is mistake in the setting of weight compensation function at pressure calibration.

Remedy: Remove comma from program name. Check that is turned off, this may not exist if it apart from external path. The precision surfaces, peg holes and the pegs themselves must all be accurately machined. So use the AS instruction with the weld schedule number. It should move smoothly without jumping or pausing. The parameter kv value with fanuc robot and various other of all personnel who has been jogged away enough. Remedy: Please refer cause code. Cause: Needle mastering for Servo Sealing Gun has not been completed.

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